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Trilby degree

Jaunty Angle Halfdropped cartoon
Pythagoras favoured a tainia

Halfdropped Guide To Stuff
The mathematical symbol for a unit vector is called a hat. So if the hat above was a unit vector*, it would be called hat hat. If it was raining, the hat hat might wear a hat hat hat. This is known as a hat trick.
Next week: fashionably late and the space-time continuum**.
*A unit vector is something that goes in a certain direction and has a size of one. This hat is going at an angle, but I think it’s a medium, so it’s probably not a unit vector. Might be a stockman.
**This isn’t actually what will be posted next week.

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Up a bit, left a bit…

The Penny Drops In Dodo Land front cover (on the left) and the Title Page of the book (on the right).
What’s on the left is what’s on the cover. What’s on the right is what’s on the title page which is what’s in the book. Sort of.

The Halfdropped shop is now open for business business. Halfdropped punters (that’s you) are faced with an exciting choice of one product: a book called “The Penny Drops In Dodo Land”. It’s made of about 50 pages of Halfdropped cartoons, set in a world that’s up a bit and left a bit from this one.
Use the Shop link to find out more. If you’d prefer a version made of pixels to one made of paper, it’s also available as an eBook over here.