About Halfdropped

Halfdropped lives somewhere in the middle of cartooning, illustration and writing, a world that’s up a bit and left a bit from this one. It’s made by me, Alex Russell, an artist based in Manchester, UK. Hello! Halfdropped is what the young people call a “side hustle” – I also make art. Bob over to alexrussell.com to see this.


1 Born in Dorsetshire and bought up on the banks of the river Piddle.
2 Attended seven educational establishments, four of which no longer exist.
3 Have drawn cartoons forever; “Dodo” is the first attempt to get them into the world (“Er, thanks…” says the world). Big fan of Tony Husband, B. Kliban, Gary Larson, Liana Finck and Paul Faassen.
4 Like music a lot. Play keyboards in The Shops. Used to play in a covers band that once helped turn on the Stockport Christmas lights with some fire-eaters and half-cut cast members of the local panto.
5 Supporter of Yeovil Town Football Club. Do a weekly cartoon as Distant Glover for Gloverscast, the independent Yeovil Town podcast.
6 Have been mistaken (in chronological order) for John Lennon, Austin Powers, Gareth Malone and Googlebox Giles.
7 Really, really like lists.

You can contact me via email:
alex (at) halfdropped (dot) com