I’m Not A Happy Bunny


The second book of Halfdropped cartoons made by Alex Russell, containing obfusification for the nation.

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The second collection of Halfdropped cartoons, with funny stuff about rabbits (natch), ducks (both relaxed and angry), deers (or it it deer?), bees (definitely bees), horses (the pantomime variety), piano-playing-cats (no-one can saw I’m not down with what’s hot), flying creatures (birds, bats and, er, flies) and a fish (one about, one featuring). There’s also stuff that isn’t about animals, another one about cheese graters, a thing called “Unbefog” (words for stuff that doesn’t have a word) and even an index (although it is to a different book).
All the cartoons are formulated with pencils and wits both sharp and blunt. Because House of Halfdropped has read a thing about marketing business business, there’s a free gym membership thrown in (although you do do need to read the Ts and Cs carefully).

80 black and white pages (cheaper licence), full colour covers
Published: 29 February 2024
Publisher: House of Halfdropped
ISBN: 978-1-9160790-2-1

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