The Halfdropped shop is open for business business*. Halfdropped punters (that’s you) are faced with an exciting choice of more than one product: a book called “The Penny Drops In Dodo Land” (the first clump of Halfdropped stuff), or another book, “I’m Not A Happy Bunny” (the second clump of Halfdropped stuff).

You can pay with debit card, credit card or PayPal.
I aim to post orders within five working days and they should be with you a day or two after that. If it looks like there will be a delay, I will email you. Orders from a Manchester M20 post code will be hand delivered in the same time.

Please note that at the moment, like arguments about whether it’s a cake or a biscuit, Halfdropped stuff is only available in the UK. This will be remedied soon, but if you can’t wait, please email (alex [at] halfdropped [dot] com) and I’ll figure out how to get your order to you.

*I know all about business business. The take-home to cascade is a ball-park pivot on benchmarking our granularity as we can’t resource the metrics or bandwidth to scale this up the paradigm flagpole.