The Penny Drops In Dodo Land


The Penny Drops In DoDo Land is a book of cartoons that are mainly funny ha-ha and sometimes funny peculiar. The first 100 copies are signed by the author.

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Welcome to the first collection of Halfdropped cartoons. This clump* includes stuff about living in a la-de-dah place (Middle Class Suburb), things you might wear in the false belief they make you more interesting (Ties and Fashion), what people who have this false belief might have been like if they’d lived a long time ago (Medieval Hipsters), people who say things like “stakeholders” (Business Business), trying to keep fit (Active Minutes) and slow-moving molluscs (Snails). There’s also a recipe, some poems, questions (some including answers, some not) and advice on writing short stories.
All the cartoons are hand-drawn with pencils and coloured in neatly on a computer. House of Halfdropped have even bunged in the colour palette, in case you’d like to do a feature wall in “Virulent Hedge” or “Raven’s Powercut”. And then regret it.

48 full colour pages
Published: 10 June 2019
Publisher: House of Halfdropped
ISBN: 978-1-9160790-0-7
Printed in the UK on FSC® paper from sustainable sources, using superior quality vegetable based inks.

*Clump is the collective noun for Halfdropped cartoons. No, really.

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